Goldcoast Sunwear was founded on a culture of innovation and we have led the headwear industry in fashion, form and function for nearly 30 years!

The Drifter (1990’s)

The Drifter was introduced to the Goldcoast Sunwear line in the mid 1990’s, after a large surf company requested the style for their private label orders. Today, it’s a favorite of country artists, festival goers and outdoor enthusiasts! The Drifter is one of the most recognizable styles around.

Elasti-Fit Bands (1990’s)

Goldcoast Sunwear introduced Elasti-Fit bands to our Drifters in the late 1990’s. The increased comfort and size versatility made them an instant hit. Goldcoast Sunwear began using the bands in every Drifter.

Wire Brims (1990’s)

Drifters require a wire woven into the edge of the brim to achieve the roll. After witnessing the strength and durability achieved with the wire, Peter decided to also integrate the feature into our Lifeguard Hats. Within two years, every competitor had followed suit.