Anatomy Lesson


This is our favorite part of the anatomy. It is simply the ‘dent’ that is placed in the crown. The shape of a bash, or its absence, defines the crown type.


The Crown is very important. While most people just think of it as the part that covers your head, the actual profile, sizing and crush of the crown are paramount to your look. Goldcoast Sunwear offer several crown types:

  • Teardrop/C-Crown: Has a teardrop shape to the bash and a pinch up front.
  • Center Dent Crown: Has a dent down the center of the top of the crown. A center dent can be accompanied by a pinch in the front or on either side.
  • Diamond Crown: Is identified by the ‘diamond’ shape in the bash. This particular type of crown tends to be a bit loose around the top of the head, allowing for some space and airflow. It is commonly found in Fedoras.
  • Oval/Round Crown: Features a complete circular (oval) bash in the crown that appears to have been popped back up in the center. This crown is often found on Gamblers and Pork Pie Fedoras.
  • Flat Top Crown: Probably the easiest to identify due to the flat top finish of the hat. The Flat Top is most common on gentlemen-style hats, such as Top Hats, but is also used in Pork Pies, Fez’s and a few Old West Wide-Brim styles.

Crown Profile

The crown profile is generally referred to as High or Low. No specific measurement is applied to the definition, as it depends upon the height of the wearer’s head. A hat with a crown that fits the head of someone with a high forehead would be considered a high profile for someone with a shorter forehead.


The pinch is a pair of dents, typically symmetric, that is applied to either side of the hat, usually perpendicular to the bash. The placement of the pinch changes the crown shape and fit.


The break is the point at which the brim is attached to, or formed away from, the bottom of the crown.


The brim is the flap of fabric attached to, or formed away from, the bottom of the crown. Some hats do not have brims, such as the Fez, but this usually the exception. The width of a brim is important not only to style, but also to function.


The band is normally a belt made of fabric, leather or a synthetic material that encircles the crown. Its purpose is two-fold: 1) to provide added structure and 2) to provide decoration. It can also assist in reducing the perceived height of the profile.


The Roll is specific to our Drifter style and most cowboy hats. Most Goldcoast Sunwear Drifters feature a ‘Tight Roll’ favored by many musicians as a ‘Rocker’ style. ‘Loose Rolls’ are preferred by characters who need more sun protection or favor a traditional Cowboy or Western-style look.


The Dip refers to the depth at which the brim is pulled down.


A decoration is often applied to the band. In most cases, there is a band, conch or buckle.


A liner is often included in the inside crown of the hat. Most straw or toyo hats, however, are liner-free, to allow for air-flow.

Inner Band/Sweatband

The inner band or sweatband is placed in the hat to provide comfort to the wearer and to protect the hat from excessive moisture.

Goldcoast Sunwear Elasti-Fit Band

Most Goldcoast Sunwear hats feature the Goldcoast Sunwear Elasti-Fit Band: An extremely comfortable elastic sweatband that also allows for multi-sizing (small/medium/large/extra large).